The very first time they placed you in my arms…the whole meaning and wonder of life changed. 

Yes, in that very moment…

I was so taken by surprise.  How could someone so small and helpless completely transform what had been important in my life for the last 25 years?



However, just one look at your tiny, perfect face and I knew that seeing you grow into the very best YOU that you could be was my new heart’s desire.

  • To see the look of wonder in your eyes
  • To watch you succeed at each new endeavor
  • To explore the big, beautiful, wonderful world
That desire remains unchanged today.

As you grew from a newborn to a toddler, so did my awe of you.  Inquisitive, loving and boundless energy all wrapped up in sweet innocence…growing and reaching for the stars.  Each and every day.  Reaching, reaching and still dreaming for more.

And my heart shudders…

You are growing up so fast…with a joyous zest for life.  Bold and amazing.

There is still so much you still need to know, my sweet child. So much that I so want you to know so you can soar.  Some I had to learn the hard way.  Much about life, about love, about being true to your ideals and your dreams, and about being in command of your money as you grow up so you’d be free to be the best YOU that you could possibly be.

But who am I to show you the way?

I’ve made lots of mistakes…and made so many decisions because I did not know then what I know now.  Decisions because I had not learned some key skills at your age…building blocks to soar and be happy and make a difference.

And my darling child – I must admit – many of those mistakes were about money…and some were big…doozies as your Grandpa and my friend Mr Wisewood might say.

Despite “the doozies” in my past, my heart is to help you learn…learn to be smart about saving, spending and giving…so you can soar.

After all, I am (and will always be) your biggest fan.

Watching you nap, I know that helping you develop smart saving and spending habits will give you that extra boost and confidence you will need to make the impact on the world that only you can make.

And we’ll have fun…laughing and learning together!

With belly laughs and fun learning, you’ll play lots of smart money games, sing along with zany puppets, and ask all kinds of questions that will help you grow and become super smart with your money…so you can soar.

Seeing you smile as your sleep…simply melts my heart.

You know that Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa love you very much…and that, together, we will learn and help YOU learn smart money skills so you can soar and be the best you that you can possibly be.

So sweetheart, sleep well, and dream big…so you can live bolder.

Love you to the moon and back,

Mommy & Daddy



Note:  Debbie Todd is co-founder of Ruby’s Troupe, an innovative interactive live and online theatre education group.  She is a spunky grandma, a licensed CPA and certified financial education instructor with over 36,000 hours dedicated to “smart money” activities.  Her heart is to help you help your child defeat the Want Monsta and become a Smart Money Commander™!

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