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Our History




Our Birth

In 2010, Phyllis’s dream of entertaining children with puppets, whimsy and laughter became a reality. With the help of her engineer husband Bob, who designed a custom, three-tiered  mobile puppet theatre, Ruby’s Troupe was born.  Starting with two puppets and a very active imagination, their shows quickly became a local hit…playing at Head Start, memory care facilities, Sunday Schools, YMCA pre-schools and Down Syndrome adult activity days.  Word quickly spread, and the troupe started to expand…






Two Years later

As the Troupe continued to grow in number and popularity, Phyllis expanded the shows to include several aspects of character-building, including paying attention, sharing, making friends, manners, accepting those who are different and bullying.  The YWCA, Head Start, Compassion Connect, Street Alive Festival and foster care facilities became part of the Ruby’s Troupe family.  It was really fun to provide wholesome and practical shows that helped kids and their parents – with engaging, 7-12 minute shows that were filled with laughter and learning.





Halfway Between the Start and the Stars

In 2014, the live events started really gaining popularity and size, with picnics for 2,000 people, continued focus on pre-schools and Head Start classes, community-wide Section 8 housing family gatherings, public school events for K to 2nd grade, as well as designing custom scripts for amazing special needs kiddos.








Aiming for the stars takes on a couple of amazing twists

While we continued to share belly laughs and add more amazing shows and activities to our program, we were starting to feel the need to share more shows that could truly be life transforming for kiddos – and that was to teach them core skills around money.

With the help of a spunky grandma CPA who loves teaching kids, the first puppet shows around saving and giving were developed – and instantly were a huge hit.  While we were thrilled, we were also sad as we could only drive so far to share the magic of Ruby and her entire puppet Troupe, which was nearing 70 strong.

Listening to caring parents and fellow grandparents during our summer reading kickoff and Compassion Connect shows, we were asked to consider making a DVD or taking the program online so children all over the country could enjoy the simple, practical and powerful puppetry…






Adventures in Puppetopia and Stargate to Laughter and learning is born!

After several months of research, effort and planning, Ruby’s Troupe was organized as a Washington Social Purpose Corporation, so children all over the country (and possibly the world) could easily enjoy the magic, the laughter and the fun learning that is at the heart of Ruby, all her puppet friends, Blaze our furry mascot and their loving caretakers, Phyllis, Debbie, Bob and Doug.

Adventures in Puppetopia – Stargate to Laughter and Learning will be released in the Summer of 2017…along with all kinds of new activities and learning fun!  So…get on the First Commanders List and be the first to be notified when “Adventures in Puppetopia” is available…


Retirement and New Adventures for Bella (Phyllis) and Bob!

After much consideration and preparation, Bella and Bob moved from the beautiful Pacific Northwest to the peaceful and warm South.  They are closer to their son and granchildren and are enjoying a much calmer and gentler pace of live – near those they dearly love.  Phyllis is already active in their local church and sharing her sun-shiny personality with children in  their community!

Bella still strongly supports the mission and vision of Ruby’s Troupe – and who knows…Bella, Phoebe or Gwenyth could make more guest appearances in the future!  Stay tuned…

Our passion is helping children learn critical skills while having fun!


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Lead Puppeteers

Phyllis Matson - Retired 2020

Phyllis Matson - Retired 2020

Founder and Lead Puppeteer

Phyllis Matson’s lifelong love of learning, her passion for children and her creative background as an interior designer and educator sparked the wonder that is now Ruby’s Troupe.  Add to these, her innate ability to create belly laughs, adorable songs…and well…just lots of wholesome fun…and you get pure magic!

Debbie and Phyllis

Debbie and Phyllis

Two Zany "Giggle-preneur" Grandmas

Amazing things can and DO happen when two passionate, fun-loving and outgoing grandmas commit to creating fun, engaging and transformational shows, games and activities to help kids belly-laugh their way to learning positive life skills – including manners, confidence, money smarts and more!

Debbie Todd

Debbie Todd

CPA, CFEI and Lead Puppeteer

With nearly 20 years and over 36,000 hours of smart money expertise, Debbie’s love of teaching families how to “get off the money madness roller coaster” was a perfect foundation to teach little commanders how to take charge of their own money!

  Sharing Magic, laughter and love…

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