Commander Adventures!

Where Will Phoebe, LuLu and Kip Go Next?

It’s a Big, Beautiful World!

Fun ways kids learn about other cultures

Engaging your child’s natural curiosity to learn about other countries, other cultures and, yes, even other languages!

Phoebe the World Explorer, and her trusted companions LuLu LeRue and Kip Koala (some of Ruby’s best buddies) are ALWAYS looking for Adventure!

With fun, wholesome shows and activities, you will be amazed to see how quickly your child’s knowledge grows.

After all, it’s a big, beautiful world…and it’s time to EXPLORE!

Expanding Young Minds with Adventures

Phoebe, the World Explorer, is excited to tap into your child’s natural curiosity, expanding their knowledge…with lots of laughs and adventures!

Up, up and away in their hot air balloon – traveling the globe.

Along with adventures to countries near and far, your child will also help Pheobe, LuLu and Kip solve many puzzling mysteries…more on that to come later!

Imagine this:  Your child saying, “I learned three new words in Mandarin today!”

After all, it’s a big, beautiful world out there…and it’s time to EXPLORE with Ruby’s Troupe!

Fun, Adventure Skits and Activities

Adventure Commanders learn
  • Why Adventure Rocks
  • How to be a Safe Adventure Commander
  • How Amazing Other Countries Are
  • How to Respect other Cultures
  • Become a Smart Adventure Commander – For LIFE!

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