TELL me and I Forget.


                 TEACH me and I Remember. 


                                         ENGAGE me and I LEARN


                                                                                                 ~Benjamin Franklin


Last week, Phyllis and I had the great pleasure of performing one of our many custom-created shows at the Kelso Library for their summer reading program, entitled Build a Better World.


It was Amazing!


When you can gather a room full of children aged 2 to 10…and light up their imagination to read and explore and learn…it is pure MAGIC.


You can watch the entire show here!






All of the puppets have been HARD at WORK in Puppetopia…and there will be some super-exciting news coming in the next couple of weeks!


We really hope you enjoy the show…SHARE it with friends and family who have little ones (although I heard lots of “tall people” laughing during the show too!) and LIKE our Facebook page here.


With warmest wishes,  Debbie and Phyllis



P.S. (and our adoring husbands Doug Todd and Bob Matson…their steadfast support makes the magic of Ruby’s Troupe possible!)

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the video  – please leave a comment below!


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