Commander Character

Growing and Learning Kindness, Honesty and Community

Commander Character Rocks!

Fun ways kids learn about character

Bullying, whining, tantrums, lying…oh my!

As loving parents and grandparents, one of our deepest desires for our children is that they grow up kind, honest, respectful and understand how to be a good friend and be caring in their community.

With fun, sensitive and empowering stories, Ruby and the entire troupe will bring these qualities to life for your child.

After all, character really DOES matter…

Why strong character skills matter

First, character is NOT something that happens overnight or automatically – it is learned over time and through small daily actions.

It includes being kind, honest, caring, obedient, respectful in your thoughts and actions – toward others as well as yourself!

Being known as a person of good character has great value.

Now, sometimes building good character comes through challenging moments – where your child gets the opportunity to overcome obstacles.

What happens if your child is tempted to lie or steal?  It’s a crucial decision-point…

Being victorious over these obstacles shows your child they can make good decisions, learn and develop their own character strength.

Ruby’s Troupe shares sensitive, yet funny shows – like telling the truth when something bad happens, apologizing for the mistake and learning what to do in the future…all examples of character opportunities your child will learn from.

Coming this spring, “Adventures in Puppetopia – Stargate to Laughter and Learning” will share several fun and engaging stories that will help your child want to make good decisions and build good character skills.

Imagine this:  Your child saying, “I’m sorry I fibbed – I won’t do it again.”

After all, being of good character really matters…now and for Life!

Fun, Character Skits and Activities

Smart Character Commanders learn
  • Why Character Matters
  • Fun Ways to Make Your Character Shine!
  • How Bullying Makes You (and others) Sad Inside
  • How to Handle a Bully
  • Become a Character Commander – For LIFE!

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