Commander FAQs

What does my child get with his/her Commander membership?

As a Smart Money Commander, your little Commander will get full access to:

  1. Smart Money Commanders, with 6 engaging money knowledge modules on saving, spending and sharing (or giving).  Each module contains an engaging and informative video with 2 to 5 puppets, coloring pages and an activity or learning sheet that they can work on with you.  At the end of the course, your little Commander will earn their very own Money Commander Badge!
  2. Ongoing access to short videos (1 new video every 2 weeks)
  3. New coloring pages added monthly (2 or more per month)
  4. Activities and games in the Commander Central pod (monthly)
  5. Still in development: Happy Lifeplan, Sunday School Primers, and possibly sing-a-long songs
Are there specific levels of membership?

There are two levels of membership:  Free and Commander.

Free membership includes getting access to certain coloring pages as well as being able to receive e-mails from Ruby, Sparky, Candi, Bosco or one of the nearly 70 other Troupe members.

Commander membership allows access to all videos, games and activities as well as more frequent access to blogs and e-mails from Ruby and the entire gang…


What is the Puppet Blog?

The Puppet Blog is a very fun and entertaining element which is available to the Commanders as part of their memberhip.

Ruby, Sparky, Candi and Bosco just LOVE chatting with the kids and will be taking questions and answering them in a blog or e-mail at least twice a month…sometimes more (Ruby and Sparky get real excited and want to share a lot!)


My child LOVES the videos. Can I download them for viewing when I do not have internet access?

The videos are available for streaming from our site, which is secured.  Color pages, activity sheets and blog questions are downloadable at any time.  You can download the activity sheets and color pages as many times as you like!

We also have available a DVD with over 60 minutes of short skits on a variety of topics you and your child will enjoy that cover things like kindness, patience, helping, respect, patience and more… there’s also some cool “tall kids” tips too!

I have 3 children. Do they each need their own Commander memberhip?

Our desire is for all children to experience the magic of Ruby’s Troupe, be affordable and fair.  A Commander membership can be purchased for a single child or for a family living in the same household, but each membership will only have one login.

How can I purchase Ruby's Troupe Commander Memberships as a gift?

Buying “Ruby’s Troupe Commander” is super simple and what a wonderful gift it is!  Gift options are available at our secure checkout. We offer monthly, 6 month or annual gift memberships, which you can see here. [add link to sales page]

What is your refund policy?

Ruby and the entire Troupe value your happiness and Commander satisfaction!

Our heart’s desire is to help children all over the world experience fun and empowering learning within Commander Central.  We make every effort to keep costs as low as possible and are committed to donating a significant portion of product and membership net proceeds to charity as we are a registered Social Purpose Corporation in Washington State.

For full details, please refer to our Refund and Cancellation Policy [link here], but the key details are listed below.

If for any reason you wish to discontinue your membership, simply let us know via e-mail at and we will cancel your Commander Code and issue a refund as follows:

Semi-annual or Annual Commander plan: We will refund any prepaid months (unused) of your membership if you are on the semi-annual or annual membership plan..

Month-by-month Commander plan, we will simply discontinue your Commander Code at the first of the next month – and you will not be billed further.

Ruby’s Adventures DVD or other physical products:  Again, our mission is to provide outstanding educational value while keeping costs low – so we can meet our pledge of donating up to 90% of our net proceeds to charity under our Social Purpose Corporation Bylaws.

As such, we cannot offer refunds for physical products that have been delivered.  If under some unusual circumstance, your product arrives damaged or defective, we are happy to work with you regarding a quality replacement at no additional cost to you.

Have another Question? Let us know!

Send us a quick note to support and we’ll take care of you – right away!

Send us an e-mail


You can also “send us a message” below!

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