Aye, welcome tall people…welcome to my tree.


           Yes.  Stop and rest a while.

 Now…climb up in me limbs and get comfortable…


That’s right.

          Just lean back and relax for a wee bit…


    Ahhh…that feels so good, aye?

Now, today, we’ve got something special – just for the “tall people”...not for your wee ones.  As we heard you a runnin’ after your little darlin’s to and fro…sun up to sun down…we heard what you’ve been a sayin’…and we listened.

Now, are ‘ya nice and comfortable now?  Good…

Just sit back for a few minutes and watch this fun little video and let your mind and body relax…that’s right.  This time is for YOU!

We really hope you enjoy your first “tall people” Wee Chatter Matters here at Ruby’s Troupe…there’s another one coming out real soon!

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With warmest wishes,  Phyllis  and  Debbie



P.S. (and our adoring husbands Doug Todd and Bob Matson…their steadfast support makes the magic of Ruby’s Troupe possible!)

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new wee video  – please leave a comment below!


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