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See How Belly Laughs Make Learning Easy

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What will Bella & Mr Wisewood help Bosco Learn Next?

Experts say that a child’s ability to learn, process and achieve can be largely developed by the time they enter grade school.

That is why it is so crucial for your little commander to have wholesome, fun and engaging skits and activities to help them grow!

Ruby, Phoebe, Bella and all the Troupe loving share amazing skits and activities that will captivate your child’s imagination and encourage them to fall in love with learning…for Life!

One Small Step Today Leads to a Giant Leap for Success Tomorrow!

Why success skills matter

It’s 2AM.

You wake up thinking about your child, aching because you know they are struggling with feelings of failure, even though you know they are capable.

This ache gnaws at you day and night…because you love them.

Question:  Is there an answer out there?

Child development experts have confirmed that providing your child with appropriate activities that they can learn from (and yes, even struggle with a little in the process) will help them feel successful and encourage them to want more challenging activites to grow with.

What if you could access tools like these – tools that helped your child master certain activities, giving them confidence so they can laugh their way to success?

Ruby’s Troupe loves to share lots of practical and engaging activities that your child will want to do…laughing so much along the way that they forget they are learning!


After all, isn’t it better to be sound asleep at 2AM?




Fun, Success Skits and Activities

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Success Commanders learn
  • Why Learning Rocks!
  • How to be a Successful Learning Commander
  • How Learning Helps You as You Grow
  • How to Always Love Learning
  • Become a Successful Learning Commander – For LIFE!

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