Hi there kids!

We are Stewart and ………

Sophie:  ”hey Stuart I want to tell them who I am”.

Stuart:  Why sure little sister jump right in.

Sophie:  thanks,… now, I am Sophie. We are the white mice puppets in Ruby’s Troupe. You will see us in shows soon….it is so fun to do the shows for you boys and girls…I mean really fun!!! All of us here in Puppetopia are waiting for you to hang out with us!! We have a blast and want you to come along with us!!

Stuart:  Yes we do! All of us here are sooo very excited that you have a chance to be troupe commanders!! Woo hoo!!! Oh wow…. I wish you could see my sister Sophie now. She is jumping up and down cuz she is sooo excited!!! We all want you to belong to our fun adventures. Yes….. there are so many waiting for YOU and, you must be a part of our club!

Sophie:  Stuart should I tell them my wish??

Stuart: Well sister Sophie …..uh …it is my wish too ya know!

Sophie:  Now wait a minute there Stuart…I THOUGHT OF IT FIRST!

(Both of them)  Did not!!  Did too!! Did not!! Did too!!

Stuart:  Hey wait just a minute…….let’s not fight Sophie……go ahead and tell them OUR wish……

Sophie: ok Stuart…..when we fight it makes me sad and well  kind of mad too,…but ..Hey kids do you have brothers or sisters??? Write back and tell us!!!  Now……we both wish that you kids will sign up to be commanders!!!  All of us at Ruby’s Troupe want you to….. I mean….REALLY want you to hang out with us!!

Stuart:  Yes we do!!! Sophie is right on about that!!! Hey Sophie wait until the kids see Phoebe, Lu Lu La Roo and Kip’s adventures and then there is ….

Sophie:  Shhhhh Stuart it is a surprise for the boys and girls. I can hardly wait too but……Ruby said it’s a surprise for the boys and girls! Do you kids like surprises???? We do too!!  Tell us what surprise you have had lately!!!  We would love to hear from you!! OUCH!!!! Stuart you stepped on my tail!!

Stuart:  Oh Sophie I am soooo sorry I did not do it on purpose!

(Both of them) Did too!  Did not!!  Did too!!  Did not!!!

Sophie:  Oh oh here we go again!! Yikes!  Stuart I am so sorry to think you did it on purpose……Please forgive me!

Stuart:  Sure  Sophie….now let’s tell the boys and girls about the 3 jars!

Sophie:  Oh Stuart, how I wish we could!!! BUT……Bella needs to show the smart boys and girls and tell about them before we do! Remember????

Stuart:  Oh yeah…..you are right I forgot it is a secret and sooooo very awesome! My jars are……

Sophie:  shhhhh Stuart zip the lips!  Remember?  All of that is in Puppetopia!

Stuart: Oh yes Sophie it is so hard not to tell them! Oh by the way Sophie I want thank you for finding my can of LEGOS…..

Sophie:  sure thing Stuart……. Aw kids we really do love each other and….listen Stuart……I hear Sparky and Tina. They are here to go to the park with us and Grandpa! Well bye kids….

Stuart:  yeah! Good bye kids. Let us hear from you and don’t forget our wish…….for you to sign up to be commanders!!! Get ready to have soooo much fun right there in your house…watching us be silly….and oh…. What cool things you will learn too….. Your friends will think you are amazing!

See you all real soon!


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