Meet the Puppeteers

We are a team of passionate, experienced and zany grandmas, ready to engage, empower and tickle your child’s imagination…one belly laugh at a time!

Phyllis Matson

Phyllis Matson

Founder and Lead Puppeteer

Ever since she was a little girl, Phyllis has loved the arts, dressing up and entertaining others.

Since 2010, Phyllis’s love of theatre, her passion for children and her unstoppable imagination have been thrilling children young and old with wholesome, uplifting and practical puppetry shows…and there’s still so much more to come…

Stay tuned!

Debbie Todd

Debbie Todd

CPA, CTP, CGMA, CFEI and Lead Puppeteer

Debbie’s passion to help families learn and grow in their financial knowledge is the perfect backdrop for teaching sound age-approrpiate money skills to children – empowering them to build good spending and saving habits early in life, so they are better prepared to avoid the “money-madness roller coaster” that plagues so many families.

Simply stated, “Money Smarts” (and the peace of mind that comes with them) are truly a PRICELESS Gift!

Welcome! We are SO excited to share the magic and the mission of Ruby’s Troupe!

So dont be shy, get in touch!

The Real Stars…

The magic truly happens when adorable, commercially available puppets meet two zany grandmas…these are just a FEW of the more than 70 adorable friends that hang out with Ruby – every single day!

Let the belly laughs begin!

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