Hi kids!  I’m Ruby.I’m so GLAD you’re here!

I bet you like hide and seek as much as we do….so…

Welcome to Ruby’s Troupe. It’s Powerful, practical puppetry – that will have you rolling on the floor in laughter!!

I am sooooo excited! Listen and hear this……all of us here at Puppetopia are …..well,  we are….we are getting ready for something REALLY exciting!  Our awesome humans are working really hard on all the details…

Do ya’ want to know more?  Of course you do!

Well, do you ever play hide and seek?…….you look quickly for the best hiding place, and try not to giggle or burp while you are working hard to be quiet…..have you???  Have you ever been found when you were hiding…and you thought…”gee I picked a good spot???”

Well, all of our amazing puppets are seeking you…..looking for you…where are you???? Come out, come out, wherever you are!

“On your mark get set……GO!!!!”

Yes, we are silly-happy about all the fun that’s coming and the troupe is ready to find YOU.  Yes YOU!!!  And you will sure be glad we did!!!

All the puppets are really (and I mean Really) good at the seek part.   We WANT to find you so you can come out and join us in Stargate to Puppetopia!!!!

Puppetopia is an amazing, magical place…really it is!

You will have SO much fun there!  You will roll on the floor with belly laughs. Not only lots of laughs, but YOU will learn to be in charge…YES, YOU! You will get to be in charge of all kinds of things that will make you feel strong…..and happy…and well…. just plain great!!!

Are you curious to know what Puppetopia looks like????

I am sure you are!!!  I invite you to take a Puppet peek at what in the stargate world goes on here.

You need a peek, but the best is yet to come!

It is soooo hard not to tell you about ALL the adventures and activities you will get to do!! Oweeee it is sooo hard to be quiet about all the fun!

HINT: The First Commanders will learn all the secrets in Puppetopia!

So get ready to come out, come out, wherever you are and sign up to be a first Commander member real soon. It is so easy. And we will zooooom off together to Puppetopia…and, we want you to be ready to become a Commander!  Why?

Being a Commander is AMAZING!

YOU are so important, and we want YOU in our club!  We will come not just once…..but over and over again with different shows, mysteries and adventures for you – where you are an active part and get to help solve the cases!

We even have a mascot……so cute….oh oh! That part is a secret!!!!  So, stay tuned, then come out come out…wherever you are and be a Commander with us!!!!

See you in Command Central – real soon!



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