Smart Money Commanders "Dollars and Good Sense" KIDS!

An innovative, custom-designed and age-appropriate money lifeskills program with practical tools your child will ENJOY learning!

The Best Way for Your Child to Become a Smart Money Super-Hero Adult…

Is to Learn Empowering Money Life-Skills as a Smart Money Commander Kid!

If we want them to be an adult

Keeping  The Want Monsta Away

Fun ways kids learn about money

The sad truth is that kids as young as two years of age are enticed to want this, want that – it’s the wily little “Want Monsta” and he is really good at making us want more than we need or can afford.

As loving parents and grandparents, it’s hard to teach them real-life skills about spending and saving…but it will be harder later if they don’t learn!

After all, money does NOT grow on trees…

Why early money skills matter

Question:  If you lived near the water, you’d make sure your child understood the dangers of drowning…and that they were strong swimmers, right?

Well, money touches our lives in virtually every way, every day.  A lot like water. From our most basic living needs to paying for our wildest dreams, they all have one simple thing in common – they cost money.

Glitzy advertising, wanting to be like their friends, and let’s face it – just having nice, shiny new things, can lure your child into the river of overspending that could rob them of their potential and truly haunt them as adults.

Unfortunately, as a child grows (as early as 6 or 7) they are already developing dangerous habits around money that can put them at great risk of overspending, drowning in debt, ending up in bankruptcy and all the relationship stresses that comes with money problems as an adult.

Smart Money Commanders will help your child grasp the positive, strong money skills they need – skills that will empower them to make smart decisions and be in command of their money – for life!


Fun, Money Skits and Activities

Smart Money Commanders learn
  • Why Saving is Smart
  • How to be a Smart Commander Shopper
  • How Giving and Sharing Makes You Happy Inside
  • How to Outsmart the Want Monsta
  • Become a Smart Money Commander – For LIFE!

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