Hi friends and family…well, it’s FINALLY here!!

BUT before we get to the awesome fun news…let me share a few tidbits of vital information for new friends so we all understand the foundation and sense of crisis that led to the development of Smart Money Commanders ™, OK?

I’ll be brief…really! Here goes!

As parents (and even grandparents) we can look back on all the games we played as kids…and realize just how much those games and activities shaped how we grew…right? These games helped us grow stronger physically, challenged us to think and even learn things that helped us after we grew up!


Games and activities we played as kids helped us grow…learn…and thrive…for LIFE!
  • Hopscotch, kickball and climbing trees helped us grow strong and agile
  • Coloring, playing board games and those spelling bees (yes, even the ones we lost) helped us think and learn how to make decisions
  • Riding bikes, going to school dances and parties and developing friendships along the way, taught us about balancing relationships – in good times and bad


So…here’s the BIG question:  At what age did YOU learn about money?  Even more importantly…

Question:  When do our kids develop their habits with money? Studies show that over 75% of your child’s character and money habits are developed by the time they are seven years old….that’s right….seven years old! 

Think about that… Your child or grandchild walks into first grade with their backpack on…bright eyed…and with character and money habits already in their minds that could help them succeed – or cause them great pain…for decades!


If we are not teaching our kids about money, then who is?
  • TV, magazine and radio advertisers and media
  • Friends at pre-school who have lots of shiny new stuff
  • And us, as the parents, grandparents, or aunties and uncles – by our actions!  The simple fact is that your child is bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands of money habit-forming messages well before they even enter kindergarten!


I really want to help my child learn about money….but I don’t know how…what can I do?

Over the last 20 years as a licensed CPA, this is actually one of the most frequently asked personal questions I get from clients and friends! Other comments and regrets I hear are:

  • Parents feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start
  • Parents are scared and lack confidence to teach their kids about money
  • Parents are, frankly, a wee bit embarrassed about some of their own money choices in the past

TRUTH:  If we are all honest…we have all made a few regrettable money choices in our life!

NOW:  There is a FUN, simple and practical solution waiting for you…and your child!

Imagine writing this to your child(ren)… There is so much you still need to know, my sweet child. So much that I so want you to know so you can soar.  Some I had to learn the hard way.  Much about life, about love, about being true to your ideals and your dreams, and about being in command of your money as you grow up so you’d be free to be the best YOU that you could possibly be.

You can learn more about the innovative, engaging and super-practical online programs (FREE Commanders, Adventures in Puppetopia and our innovative Smart Money Commanders ™ Program) that we have been working on for the last yearby clicking this link right here! This document has several hot links to our Teachable site!
You can also download it by clicking on the pdf button below!

We are excited to be able to bring this opportunity to you and your child(ren).  Feel free to check out our secure site on Teachable and Like us on Facebook!  Please let us know how we can help you help your kids become Smart Money Commanders™!


Debbie and Phyllis

Note:  Phyllis Matson and Debbie Todd are two dynamic and zany grandmas, and the co-founders of Ruby’s Troupe, an innovative interactive live and online theater education group. Enthusiastic and dedicated “in all things puppetry” – venturing into the online space has been a learning adventure…websites, social media, graphics and this whole marketing thing!

Phyllis has over 40 years of creative theater expertise and is simply magical in developing shows that delight and engage kids.  She literally “thinks like a seven-year old.”

Debbie is a spunky licensed CPA and certified financial education instructor with over 40,000 hours dedicated to “smart money” activities.  Her heart is to help you help your child defeat the Want Monsta and become a Smart Money Commander™!

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