Every Child Wants to Be a Commander!

Learn How to Tap into Your Child's Potential...with Belly Laughs!

Small, Consistent Steps…

Learning tools to be successful in Life!

Every child craves the feeling of being successful, of knowing that they did something and did it well.

For a child, small wins over time build a strong ” I can do this!” attitude.  An attitude that will help your child navigate life’s challenges and changes – and do so successfully as an adult.

As parents, grandparents, aunties & uncles or other loving adult, we know we cannot shield our child from some of the waves that life will bring their way…but we CAN teach them how to spot the storm and how to swim to safety.

Simple habits, started early – can lead to a lifetime of success!

What are the Risks of NOT Being a Commander?

As parents and loving grandparents, we long for our children to grow up to be safe, happy and productive adults…just like our parents and grandparents wanted for us….right?

Question:  What do you think is the most optimal time and place for your precious little commander to learn key skills like character, honesty, respect, work ethic and how to successfully manage their own money?

Startling recent facts:
As stated in i-Money U: Unfortunately, as a child grows (as early as 6 or 7) they are already developing dangerous habits around money that can put them at great risk of overspending, drowning in debt, ending up in bankruptcy and all the relationship stresses that comes with money problems as an adult.

Fast forward 10 to 12 years:

Many colleges and universities are now offering personal finance classes to incoming freshmen because they are not capable of balancing their own bank accounts, are overdrawn and struggling with money.  These are young men and women who have graduated from high school and getting ready to start on an adult life that will hopefully span 60-80 years – who are not able to navigate basic financial stewardship.

This is a catastrophic risk with lifelong consequences!

We have all seen the impact of poor education as well as bad money choices – and they can be devastating. However, it does not have to be this way. It’s also clear that your child or grandchild will need certain tools to become a commander of their actions, their dreams and their money – it likely will not happen on it’s own.

We are here to help you and your child!

Our heart is to provide age-appropriate, fun and engaging shows, activities and learning tools that you and your little commander can absorb, talk about and learn from…while laughing every step of the way.  The real gift is that your child will learn invaluable life-skills that can empower them to grow into adulthood with purpose, peace and productivity.

After all, being a commander of your actions, dreams and money is a gift that lasts a lifetime!




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