Hi’ya Kids…..

I am Candi…..one of Ruby’s friends.  All of us here in Puppetopia are sooooo very thrilled that we get to do shows for you!!!

Are you ready for fun, and lots of laughs???

Well you better be!!! And guess what…. you are going to learn the coolest things that will make all your friends AMAZED at you!!

I love to amaze my friends….and it will be so easy for you!!! YAY!

You will have adventures about……oh that is a secret! You will roll on the floor laughing about…….oh, that is a secret too…… hey.. You just gotta sign up to be one of our Commanders!! You just gotta!!

You’ll get the coolest things to print out like……oh, that is a secret.  Can’t tell you now!!! But you can know all the secrets I just talked about soon!!

Wanna be one of the kids to be a first commander???  You will get some extra awesome things!!!!

Hey, wanna know something really cool?   I just learned how to ride a bike!  It was soooo hard for me but…I just would NOT let myself give up… that is that!! I fell off soo many times and skinned up my knees….not once, but twice! And… my brother laughed at me. But instead of calling him a jerk… I decided the best way was to “keep at it” and…….YAY, I can balance now yipeeee.

Two Boo-Boos for the WIN!

It is so much fun and he actually gave me a hug and we went to get ice cream and guess what????  HE paid for mine out of his own money…..what a shocker!! I almost fainted!!!

My favorite flavor is mint and chip.  What is yours???

Second shock was he let me have a double scoop. Wow it was worth the work to #1 LEARN TO RIDE AND # 2 get a double scoop from my stingy brother!  Actually he is really in command of his money and I want to learn that too.

I can hardly wait for you to meet some of my puppet pals……Sparky, Ruby, Bosco, Tina….Mr. Wisewood, King Frugalmeister……and so many more!!!! You just gotta sign up to be a commander…you just gotta!!!

Now I have to figure out a way to get my own bike! 

Hey April is my birthday and I will probable get some money for my birthday!  Yippee!

Mom also said she is going to give me some money every week for doing things around the house. I thinks it is called an allowance. Do you get an allowance??  Hmmmm.  I think I will ask Mr Wisewood how I can save some of my money and get my very own bike!  Yes, that’s what I will do!  He’ll know what to do…Mr Wisewood is SO WISE!

My friend Sara gets an allowance but she always spends it right away!  To tell you the truth….lots of time she buys stuff she does not really need. …..OH OH!!  But she is a friend and I like her a lot!

Well gotta go now and feed my cute little kitty…..do you have a pet???

Don’t forget……..you can be a commander and we will have such a GREAT time together…such a FUN time!!! Let’s hang out!




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